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Featured in STAA Brochure 2016:

This is Tyler Mead who is currently employed at Santa Maria Seeds. He was born and raised in Yuma, AZ so he was surrounded by agriculture all of his life. Tyler was a part of the University of Arizona extension program and graduated from there. Tyler got an internship at GeneFresh Technologies that gave him an opportunity to grow in the agriculture industry and gain helpful experience. He plans to continue in agriculture sales and learn more about the industry.

This is Nicholas Bahr who is currently employed at Keithly-Williams Seed Co. Nicholas grew up in Yuma, AZ and remembers going to work with his dad who was a mechanic for many farms in the area. Nicholas would love seeing what happens on the farms up close. This inspired him to want to be involved in agriculture later in life. After he graduated high school, he got married and worked for a local irrigation district which helped him see how technology has changed over the years in agriculture. This made him want to pursue a degree in Sustainable Plant Systems at the University of Arizona. He started his college path at Arizona Western College (AWC) in Yuma, AZ and then transfered to the University of Arizona in 2013 where he graduated. Nicholas is currently working on his Master's in Agriculture and Biosystems engineering and would like to help design and build better planters and transplanters for the agriculture industry.